2014 The Little Things Sauvignon Blanc

Winefront - Gary Walsh - August 2014

93 points


Well, no offence to Shaw + Smith, but for a bit less money, you can buy this. Hugh Guthrie (or Woody, as I like to call him), is ex of The Lane, who make very good wines. Here we have a wine that had 70% spend a day on skins then pressed off to stainless, the remaining 30% pressed to seasoned French oak puncheon. Tank and barrels spent 3 months on lees. It’s a bit of a bloody holiday for those grapes, all up.

Again, a more subtle style of Sauvignon here. Pink grapefruit, gooseberry, cut fennel, light spice – clean and well groomed. Medium bodied, gentle chalkiness to the texture – smooth almost – unobtrusive acidity with none of your grating sweet and sour flavours – the message is delicacy and enjoyment. Bit of youthful green banana on the finish, but gee, this is a nice wine to drink.


2013 Obtenu Bois Sauvignon Blanc

Winefront - Gary Walsh - August 2014

94 Points


One of Hugh Guthrie’s ‘concept wines’. Whole bunch pressed to seasoned barrels. Then a hot ferment, then sits on gross lees for 12 months. No additions, save the initial serve of sulphur (to prevent secondary fermentation).

Very interesting. Smooth kind aromatics of guava and gooseberry laced with fennel, subtle spice and vanilla florals. Light to medium bodied, ruby red grapefruit, echoes of tropical fruit largely knocked out, with ginger spice and a little meaty funk, but not much. Has a beautiful gently chalky fleshy texture, gentle but appropriate acidity, and a long sweet grapefruity finish. Sophisticated and great to drink. Nice one.

2013 Obtenu Bois Sauvignon Blanc

Oz Wine Review - Andrew Graham - October 2014


Novueau Hills Sauv done good

Obtenu Bois means 'with wood' in French but it sounds like one of those word games where if you put the letters in a different way you spell something naughty...


This comes from Hugh Guthrie, who quit his day job making wine at The Lane to craft wines like this. Good move Hugh.


What an interesting number to kick off with too - produced from a single Vineyard near Aldgate in the Hills, this was hand-picked, whole bunch pressed and wild fermented in barrel before spending 12 months on lees with minimal sulphur at bottling.


For all that winemaking this looks fresh as a daisy, ultra-clear and bright, the nose snappy and intense if ultra tight, showing just the barest hints of barrel. Minimalist. A tight and tangy palate too that I mistakenly drank too cool, its lemony, mealy and straddling fruit and acid to finish.


Despite the backward nature this is clearly a pretty fine Savvy - more like a good fumé than a Bordeaux Blanc, needing just more time in bottle to fill out.




2013 Walk The Line Nebbiolo


WBM Mike Bennie- 93 Points

A name to watch, Hugh Guthrie's new releases seem to walk a different walk, yet take ques from wines styles he likes to drink. This Nebbiolo certainly has a different gait with its light, almost tannin void feel with just a pucker of chalkiness offset by crisp fruit and some amaro soursweet herbal complexity in flavour and perfume


Silver Medal - Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show 2014


Hot 100 Wine - Structural and Savoury - Adelaide Review

“Bright and feminine, clean with lovely intensity, cranberry and graphite. Has grip but not overwhelmingly so.”


2014 Single Vineyard Chardonnay


Mike Bennie- 93 Points


As the bottle prescribes, this comes from a single vineyard. It is fermented wild and sees no malo in the winemaking. Also, it spends time only in used oak barrel. The vineyard is cutely named Cudlee Creek.

Quite a bit of that ‘lees in old oak’ influence is apparent in a kind of popcorn, tinned corn whiff that settles fog-like over the ripe melon and toasted nuttiness of the bouquet. It’s not too untoward, but there, and gives an apparent richness before hitting the palate. The palate has a depth of flavour and saline acidity that makes me reach in my mind for Jura chardonnay or lo-fi winemakers of St Aubin or Macon; it’s something I really like in chardonnay, and it is found judiciously here. It’s a decidedly savoury chardonnay, gives a toffee apple suggestion, is deep in flavour, long in flavour, finishes tight and very refreshing, and almost with a fino sherry lick of saltiness. Delicious. Dig this.

2014 The Snare Syrah


WBM Mike Bennie- 93 Points


Hit of cool climate pepper, alpine herbs and spice that thumbs its nose at the warmer, cuddlier versions of the variety. Medium weight. Flys long across the palate with silky texture and rivulets of spicy red fruit. Gets some crunch to texture, shows how highlydrinkable the variety can be.


Winefront - Gary Walsh - 91 Points


Another modern Australian "I can't believe it's Shiraz!" Syrah. Think Luke Lambert or maybe Jamsheed. Or another one of those drongos.


It's light and particularily spicy, but it also has a good amount of flavour. I'm thinking boysenberries, cherries and cranberries, aniseed and five spice, sweet herbal grassy seasoning and red jelly. Crisp, juicy red fruits, light slaty texture and a lively finish that really carries on. Lovely to drink. More Beaujolais in style, perhaps, which is no bad thing.