About Us

Hugh Guthrie - Winemaker

Sarah Guthrie - CFO

Murph and Max - Winery Dog

Growing up on his family's farm in the Adelaide Hills, Hugh developed an early interest in the wines and vineyards of the region. After finishing school Hugh completed a Masters of Oenology and then started working in wineries around Australia and abroad. Most recently he was a winemaker at The Lane Vineyard, where he won many awards for the elegant wines he helped produce.

The desire to produce his own wines became too strong.  Hugh quit his day job, set up a small winery, and here we are!

When Hugh's not knee deep in ferments or digging out presses he can be found shearing sheep, being chased by cattle on his farm in the Hills and chasing Angus and Will.

Sarah's interest in wine has always been more about tasting it than making it. Her work as an Anaesthetist (and mother!) keeps her pretty busy, but she also oversees the business side of things, leaving the most important part (making the wine) to Hugh.

When not working, she enjoys drinking enough wine to make the endless Lego retrieval, dirty nappies  and toddler wrestling a little more tolerable.

Murph and Max are probably the only Labradors in the world that can jump onto the back of a ute. They both thinks they are sheep dogs, but in reality they are far more suited to winery work - more specifically eating any stray grapes. Never far from Hugh's side apart from when theres something dead to roll in, which is far too often......

Angus & Will - Assistant Winemakers

Angus and Will are always helping. They are  brilliant at breaking thermometers, hydrometers and any glass items in the cellar.

When not breaking things they can be found helping Hugh chase sheep, attempting to ride the pooches or throwing Lego around the house.....